The Trouble with Hope

The trouble with Hope is that it’s always there. Lurking. Skulking around in the background, waiting for you to come and get it. Like when you start to wish again. To dream. To Hope. Sometimes, it doesn’t even wait for you. It just shows up. And Hope whispers in your ear, “It’s going to get better. I swear.”

The trouble with Hope is that it makes you believe that better and brighter days can happen. They will happen. Hope said it will. What’s coming up is going to make things all right again. The past can be forgotten – undone even. You can move forward and through and it’s all water under the bridge.

Hope tells you everything will be all right. Because it’s coming. It really is. You just have to Hope a little more. Believe a little more. Doesn’t matter what you do or say. You just have to Hope. Maybe you have to Hope a little harder, even. But keep Hoping because it will happen.

That’s what Hope promises. Good things are going to happen. Eventually.

But when they don’t happen, well… Is it because you didn’t Hope hard enough? You didn’t want it bad enough. Didn’t believe enough? No one can say for sure. Because Hope is a funny thing. Maybe this wasn’t the right time, Hope says. Maybe next time it will be better. Just keep Hoping.

That’s the trouble with Hope. It’s always around. Promising you something better is maybe coming up really, really soon. You just have to keep Hoping. Because eventually, you might get there. So, Hope fades into the background again, waiting, lurking, skulking. Waiting for you to wish and dream again. To Hope.


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