Break Time is Over

I didn’t die. Just took a break. Most of it, unintentional. I planned on writing more during the last, er, um, month or so, it just didn’t work out. August is funny that way. You look around and start to realize that summer is almost over and there’s like, I don’t know, a zillion things that you wanted to do that you were absolutely, totally going to do this summer, and now it’s August and you’ve done one, maybe two if you’re lucky and, well…


I have a friend who made a list of 20 fun things she wanted to do this summer. She managed to hit them all.

Me? Not so much.

I took a road trip which was pretty awesome. Stories to follow. And probably pictures. I also stayed off the Internet. Which was also pretty awesome. Every time I looked it was just more bad news and more awfulness and it was too depressing.

I fed giraffes instead. Also, thoughts and stories to follow.

But, August is basically over and I’ve done all I can do in terms of cramming summer fun in. It is, in my world, fall and that means it’s time to get back to work. With the new work schedule, I’m hopeful I’ll make decent progress.

The goal is to have something ready to go out in early 2015. Yeesh. Just typing that is daunting but that makes the goal real, right?

If only I could remember where I left off in the WIP. I guess that’s what outlines are for.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the giraffe I fed. His name is Ziggy.





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