Partly Writing

This is it. The blog I said I would start. A year ago. I got busy. Like the name of this blog suggests, I write when I’m not doing other things.

It’s something I like to do. Write, tell stories, imagine the what if’s. I can’t stop myself.

But why start a blog if I’m so busy with other things. Because, apparently, I’m supposed to. If I’m really a writer, someone who wants to – needs to – write, I’m supposed to blog. That’s what everyone says. I’m supposed to have a brand, a following, an online presence. People would ask me why i didn’t blog, I would answer honestly: I have nothing interesting to say.

Which is true. I’m a fairly boring person, and even if I wan’t, I wouldn’t want to share all the details of my life with the world. That’s not me.

But I do like to write. And tell stories. So, I figure, if I really want to be a writer when I grow-up (if I grow-up) I should start a blog.

And this is it. The blog I’ll try to write when I have time. When I’m not busy with other things. When I have stories to tell. Or things to say.

Let’s see how that goes.


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