What To Do, What to Do?

I’m supposed to blog everyday to improve my search engine rankings. That’s what SEO specialists say. Some even say to blog a few times a day in the beginning. Something about how Google and the other engines search the web and such. I don’t see that happening. The blogging a few times a day thing. The every day thing? Maybe.

Even though I like to think of myself as a writer, I don’t write everyday. Not like writer’s “are supposed to.” If that’s a thing. I was never much for journaling either, so it’s not like I have a rich history of spending at least a few minutes every day writing down something.

This every day thing will take some getting used to.

And it kind of bugs me, actually. I didn’t know writers had to have a blog these days. I know it makes me more accessible, but who said I wanted to grant the access? Not to be obnoxious, but maybe there’s a reason I don’t journal or blog or tweet or whatever. Because I’m not a big oversharer. (Yes. I just made that a word.)

But, these days, to be considered a writer (or much else, I suppose), you have to have your brand and your platform and your blog and your followers and all that social media stuff. It’s a fine way to share, I guess, if you’re into it. and if you’re not? Too bad! Do it anyway. You have to. It’s all about what you bring to the table before you even know if you have a seat.

I’m not sure what I bring to the table. I don’t know how much I want to share about me. And I don’t want to go the easy route and post click bait kind of things. I don’t have a niche, a speciality or even a particular interest that might be broad reaching. Even to write this post, I’m grasping.

So, I’ll stop for today, and see what comes up tomorrow.


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