A Better Blog?

There’s an article floating around on the Internet today (isn’t there always), about how the best blogs are the ones that are informative. Of course, now I can’t find the link, but if I do, I’ll come back and edit this post.

I skimmed the article (as I often do) and the crux of it was that the blogs (and Twitter feeds) with the most followers are the ones that share information (or are informative). But not about themselves (meaning the blog writer). The “best” blogs – and I use that term loosely – were the ones that shared helpful information: DIY stuff, stuff about a specific industry, niche stuff. I suppose gossip stuff would be included in that, but I don’t remember that being in there.

The ones that were less successful were the ones that were “me” centric. I did this, buy my book, see my movie (I suppose) fund my Kickstarter campaign. Things like that. Also, if I remember, things like I ate a blueberry scone for breakfast and it rocked, I rode my bike this weekend, I’m so mad at the world right now. Stuff about me, not stuff that can help you.

Looking at all five (I believe it is) of my posts, I fall into the latter category. Which, not that this is news, is what I feared most about blogging. Lack of a niche, an expertise, something I can talk intelligently about. Something that I can use to help other people. Informational stuff.

I got nothing.

It’s just me blathering on about me.

Not good, according to this study. I suppose I’ll have to start sharing more about my personal life and how it can help you. Or get really invested in something and start talking about that (without being click bait, of course).

In a few years, when I’m famous and this blog is more well-known, I’ll probably look back at the beginning of this and want to delete it out of sheer embarrassment.

I won’t. It will be fun to look back at the beginning and laugh.


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