Going All In

End of the day and finally some quiet time to write.

It was just one of those days. It started with me making coffee and wondering why it looked so darn light while it dripped into the pot. I had forgotten to add the coffee to the filter. It only went downhill from there.

If that’s how Monday’s going to start…

A bunch of ideas floated around my head for today’s post. I’ll probably get to them all later.

On Facebook I saw a friend (if you can call some of the people any one is connected with “friend.” “Someone I sort of once knew” is probably more accurate) also started a blog. Unlike me, this person is all in, in a very public way. Sharing it on Facebook with all us “friends,” shouting it to the world (not into the void).

It’s impressive.

Not the blog. There’s only one post thus far. It has the potential to be fabulous. Or not. I don’t know yet. I’m impressed by the willingness to be so open and exposed. Using your own name as the web address, sharing your personal opinions on whatever. (Maybe it’s the start of a lifestyle blog that’s going to be spun off into a lifestyle empire.)

Anyway, I’m impressed by the willingness to share so brazenly. I’m still not sure what I’m willing to share. Which I’m thinking is a bad trait for a writer. Obviously, I’m sharing some. I’m here, (and now on Twitter! That takes some learning), and eventually, I’ll share more. I’m sure. Maybe.

It’s the nature of the Internet. To share and share and share some more. Without over sharing, of course. Which makes me wonder, what exactly defines over sharing? When is it “too much”? Is there even that line any more? Is “personal” no longer really “personal”? Is it all just out there for everyone to read/see? Is “private” really “public” at all times?

Who knows anymore.


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