I’d Rather Be…

I’m not going to lie. This is getting harder and harder to do with each passing day. Coming up with blog topics and trying to sound interesting without whining. Not so simple right now and I’ve been doing the blogging thing for about a week.

But, I know I’m supposed to do it everyday. Even if it doesn’t improve my search engine rankings, at least it’s a good habit to get in to.

Part of the problem is that this isn’t what I want to write about. What I want to write, what I should be writing, is my novel. The third one, actually. The first two are what used to be called “under the bed” novels. The ones you write that never get published for whatever reasons. The ones you write that, in my case, are so awful, you never want them to see the light of day.

They’re not under the bed, though, they’re on the hard drive. I don’t know what they are called in that case. “Hidden file” novels? And they are truly awful. For various reasons. But, at least I recognized how awful they are. And have been trying to improve.

I’m working on the third one, but I’m stuck. I know who the main character is, and I sort of know the supporting characters. I have some idea of the plot, but not how it ends. I never know how it ends. It’s a weakness of mine as a writer. That, and titles. I always did horribly on those questions on tests. “The best title for this passage would be…” Always wrong. Every time.

That’s been the greatest challenge for me. I think I’ve got an interesting character, but no story to tell. And an interesting person does not make a novel. Conflict makes a novel. Since I’m not a big fan of conflict, it seems to make sense that I have a hard time creating it for others. Even if they aren’t real. But, I have to do something awful to them if I ever want to get this novel done.

Blog posts don’t seem to have nearly as much conflict in them. Which makes it kind of ironic that I find them so difficult to write. But, it has to be done. And it’s better than not writing at all.


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