How to End?

It’s all about the practice at this point. About not breaking my streak. Keeping it up and writing every day (except weekends).

Which is all well fine and good and all, but doesn’t get me anywhere. Doesn’t get me any closer to writing the book. to finishing the WIP… OK, more like starting it.

That’s not totally true. It’s started, but not finished (as WIP’s tend to be). I have a great idea and a great character (or two) but no ending. No finish. No clue, really.

I don’t generally like happy endings. Not that I prefer endings like Hamlet where everyone is basically dead in the end. I just don’t like the ones with the neat happy endings where everyone gets what they want/need/deserve and people ride off into the sunset, blah, blah, blah.

Boring. And not real. Life doesn’t ever seem to end like that. And even if it does, what happens after everyone rides off into the sunset? What’s going on in the dark when the horse is put away? Does everyone look at each other and say “Now what?”

That’s what I want to know about. That’s (sort of) what I want to write about. What happens when it’s not a happy ending (or, you thought it was and turns out it wasn’t).

But I have a hard time knowing what that looks like. I have no idea why. Perhaps because I’m not at the end of my story yet. But, I can’t wait around forever to die, then write the story (which, come to think of it, could make for a hell of a story).

I can’t even figure out how to end the blog post!

What to do, what to do. Such is the writer’s life.


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