I Googled myself yesterday.

Well, not myself, but the blog. And, this daily blogging thing seems to be working. Sort of. Putting in the blog address gets the top result (obviously). Then the next several. And that’s good.

The problem is that I’m nowhere to be seen in terms of other search results. Which I guess I should expect at this point. I have no followers and no unique visits to this blog. (I don’t count myself.) Since I’m not a celebrity or even remotely famous, I don’t come with instant search results and fans and such.

Which means I have to promote this blog.

I’ve started to. I’ve done some Twitter stuff. With no results. But, I’m pretty sure that takes time. Along with getting people to really notice your blog. I could use the promote feature (or sharing, or whatever it’s called) on Word Press, but I don’t think this blog is ready for that. Yet.

And I haven’t shared it on Facebook. Yet.

But eventually, I will probably have to.

I remember when I was ghost blogging, it was about six months before the blog started doing anything in terms of search results. Ultimately, it helped the client so it was worth the effort. But six months seems like an awful long time.


Daily blogging for now, I guess.


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