Focus, focus, focus!

What an exhausting day. It feels like it should be Friday, but it’s not. There’s still one more day to go. It’s just that everything seemed to fall on today. It’s fine, it was just a long day.

I managed to find about 30 minutes of quiet time in the middle of all of this. Eh, actually more like “toward the end.” In any event, I wanted to work on the WIP. I figured out the ending, just not quite how to get there. I have a vague idea and wanted to flesh it out in an outline.

But I just couldn’t focus my mind. I was tired and honing in on the idea just wasn’t happening. Which I find amusing because really, in some respects, all I was doing was thinking. And I wasn’t too tired to think. I was able to think about all the next place I had to be, what I had to do when I got there, what came after that and all the other things I had to do before I could sit down and write this.

Actually, in all honesty, I still have stuff to do, I just decided to do this and get this out of the way. Interestingly, I find my mind focused as I do it. Must be the topic. Or lack thereof.

It makes me wonder if I’m thinking too much or not enough about the WIP. I know there’s the whole “write every day” mantra, but I’ve never fully believed in it. Sure, I’m writing on the blog every day, but that’s more of an exercise than anything else. And I can tell you right now, I probably won’t be doing it tomorrow (again, tons to do) and I won’t do it on weekends. Better for my sanity. Not that I won’t jot something down if inspiration strikes.

I can write every day. The blog proves that. But I don’t seem to be able to create every day. And that’s the trick. Creating and improving and rewriting. That’s the hard part. But, I will find a way. I have to if I ever want it done.


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